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Maine retail sales tax of 5.5% will be added to all orders unless a valid exemption certificate is on file with our office at the time an order is placed.


Payment is due in full at the time of pick up or prior to delivery.  We accept cash and Visa / Mastercard.  We do not accept personal or business checks or purchase orders.  We do not extend credit for plants.  We do not deliver plants COD.


Delivery is available by our own truck.  The cost for most orders is currently $ 1.50 per loaded mile based on the calculated distance from our nursery location to your home or jobsite.


On-site consultation is provided on an hourly basis in accordance with a written agreement to be approved in advance of services.  Mileage and expenses, including testing fees, photocopies, mailing, etc. are billed in addition to hourly rates.  The current mileage rate is $ 0.65 per mile.  Expenses are billed at actual cost plus 15%.  Consulting services are invoiced monthly and due within 30 days of the invoice date.  Consultation services are suspended for accounts past due.


Customers picking up plants should bring their own mesh tarps or other suitable means of protection for plants in leaf.  Maine Custom Landscape, Inc. will not be held responsible for damages due to your failure to properly secure and protect your load.


All plants are warranted to be true to name, including variety or plant origin if stated.  Maine Custom Landscape, Inc.  will refund the purchase price of any plant returned to us which proves to be otherwise within one year of sale.  Due to the wide variety of planting site conditions, care given during establishment, and other circumstances beyond our control to which plants may be exposed, no other warranty is expressed or implied. 

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